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Японские рекламные постеры начала 20 века

Японские рекламные постеры начала 20 века.

Показывайте проездные билеты!

========Japanese steamship travel posters======

Osaka Mercantile Steamship Co., Ltd., 1909

Oriental Steamship Co., 1919 (Chinese poster)

Japan Mail Steamship Co. (NYK), 1910

Korean Mail Steamship Co., 1918

Osaka Mercantile Steamship Co., Ltd., 1912

Osaka Mercantile Steamship Co., Ltd., 1909

Oriental Steamship Co., 1914

Japan Mail Steamship Co. (NYK), 1909


Osaka Mercantile Steamship Co., Ltd., 1916

To Manchuria! (Ministry of Overseas Affairs, 1927)

National Bonds for the Sino-Japanese War (Ministry of Finance, 1937)


Показывайте проездные билеты!
Clearly show your train pass (September 1978)

The image of Napoleon holding a partially concealed train pass is meant to remind passengers to clearly show their train passes to the station attendant when passing through the gates. The dictionary page in the background appears to be a reference to Napoleon's famous quote, "The word 'impossible' is not in my dictionary.

Не курите на платформе
Coughing on the platform (January 1979)

Modeled after the paintings of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, this poster -- titled "Hōmu de Concon" (coughing on the platform) -- urges people not to smoke on the train platforms during the designated non-smoking hours (7:00-9:30 AM and 5:00-7:00 PM). The poster makes a play on the words "concon" (coughing sound) and "cancan" (French chorus line dance).

Мария устала.
Уступайте места женщинам с маленькими детьми!
Mary is tired (December 1977)
The image of Mary carrying baby Jesus aims to encourage passengers to give up their seats to mothers with small children.

Еще смешные:
----------- "Не забывайте свой зонтик"--------------

Don't forget your umbrella (June 1977)

Don't forget your umbrella (October 1981)
The text at the top of this poster -- which shows Jesus overwhelmed with umbrellas at the Last Supper -- reads "Kasane-gasane no kami-danomi" (lit. "Wishing to God again and again"). The poster makes a play on the words "kasa" (umbrella) and "kasane-gasane" (again and again).

Umbrellas left behind in the subway (June 1976)

This Marilyn Monroe poster aims to remind passengers to take their umbrellas with them when they leave the train. The text in the top right corner -- "Kaerazaru kasa" (umbrella of no return) -- is a play on "Kaerazaru Kawa," the Japanese title for "River of No Return," the 1954 movie starring Monroe.

========Виртуальный музей =======

Antique Japanese Posters for Harumoto Soap Company


САЙТ музея и много постеров:
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